At a Glance Q1 2020

Office investment market Germany

Büro-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


Office investments remained the most popular asset class in the first quarter of 2020. With a nationwide transaction volume of around €6.28 billion, they not only increased their revenues by 18.5% compared to the previous year, but also set a new all-time high. At the same time, the ten-year average was exceeded by 58%. An exceptional result was achieved above all by portfolios that contributed almost €2.22 billion. Only in 2007 could an even higher turnover in package sales be observed. However, it should be noted that by far the largest share was accounted for by Aroundtown's acquisition of TLG, which contributed a good €1.8 billion to office investments. A good €4.06 billion is attributable to individual deals, which thus did not quite match the top values of the last two years and recorded a 22% decline in turnover. Nevertheless, it still represents the fourth best result ever recorded. Alltogether, a total of 12 sales of individual properties in the three-digit million range have already been counted. Among the most important transactions were the sale of Westend Carree in Frankfurt, I/D Cologne in Cologne and the Bertelsmann headquarters in Munich. In summary, no concrete effects of the Corona pandemic were observed in the first quarter.


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