At a Glance Q2 2021

Logistics market Ruhr region

Logistikmarkt Ruhrgebiet


At first glance, the result for the logistics market in the Ruhr region, with a take-up of 174,000 m² and a decline of around 40 % compared to the previous year and just under 15 % compared to the long-term average, suggests that market activity was rather restrained in the first half of the year. However, the reason for the weaker result is by no means fewer deals - the number of deals recorded was even higher than in 2020 - but a significantly lower average volume per letting of around 10,000 m² instead of 21,000 m². Both the existing and the new-build segments made substantial contributions to the result, each accounting for around half of the take-up. Among the new-build properties, the leasing to the full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in the new logistics centre in Werne (20,000 m²), which has been under construction since the end of April, is particularly noteworthy. In contrast, owner-occupiers, who account for around 29 % of take-up on average over many years, did not make an appearance in the first six months.

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