At a Glance Q1 2019

Logistics market Ruhr region

Logistikmarkt Ruhrgebiet


At the beginning of 2019, the logistics market in the Ruhr region is in excellent shape: with a take-up of 153,000 m², not only the result of the comparable period of the previous year was topped by an impressive 76 %, but also the long-term average by a considerable 51 %. At the same time, the Ruhr region is in the leading position regarding the most important logistics markets, ahead of Frankfurt. A look at the distribution of the take-up within the region also provides a pleasing result: both the eastern part of the logistics region with the district of Unna and the centrally located cities of Bochum and Essen are strongly represented. The segment of existing buildings achieves a remarkable take-up, accounting for 71 % of the volume, which is an astonishing figure in view of the fact that the new construction segment is traditionally responsible for the majority of the letting performance in the Ruhr region.

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