At a Glance Q2 2020

Logistics market Munich

Logistikmarkt München


Although the Corona pandemic and the temporary social and economic lockdown have not left the Munich market for logistics and storage space unaffected, the half-year result is still surprisingly solid with 106,000 m². The previous year's figure was exceeded by almost 12% and the long-term average was missed by just 6%. A closer look even shows that the second quarter, with 58,000 m², was more lively than the first three months of the year, when the Corona crisis had not yet had any noticeable impact on the market. Nevertheless, a large part of the take-up is based on contracts that were already in the process of negotiation with significant preparation times and thus at an advanced stage. By contrast, the number of registered new requests for contracts fell significantly from March onwards, as growing uncertainty forced many companies to switch to crisis management, which is why expansion decisions were often postponed and put on hold. However, as the crisis has been managed more successfully, a noticeable increase in demand has been observed in recent weeks.

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