At a Glance Q1 2024

Logistics market Munich

Logistikmarkt München BNPPRE


  • The Munich warehouse and logistics market started the year with a very low take-up of 18,000 m². This result is below both the very high result of the previous year (-74%) as well as significantly below the ten-year average (-64%). So far, only lettings in the small-scale segment of less than 5,000 m² have been registered, meaning that the lack of larger, take-up generating contracts has led to the lowest result in the last ten years.

  • Across Germany and in most other large logistics agglomerations, take-up was also well below average in the 1st quarter. The weakening economy and uncertainty about future developments are causing companies in many places to hesitate when making rental decisions, meaning that they are staying in their existing space when in doubt.

  • In addition, the Munich market has lacked a sufficient supply of space for years. The generally very high price level and strong competition among all types of use, coupled with a very dynamic economy, make it difficult for the logistics segment to provide sufficient space for a functioning market. Large-scale developments such as the new building by logistics firm Group 7 in Oberding (60,000 m²), which increased take-up in the previous year, remain the exception.

  • Both prime and average rents remained unchanged compared to the end of 2023. While the prime rent is still 10.50 €/m², the average is quoted at 8.70 €/m².

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