At a Glance Q4 2020

Logistics market Leipzig

Logistikmarkt Leipzig


The Leipzig market for logistics and storage space was not impressed by the crisis year 2020 and showed a very positive development over the course of the year. With a take-up of 337,000 m², not only was the previous year's result exceeded by an impressive 105 %, but also the long-term average by almost 38 %. At the same time, it is the second highest volume ever registered. Responsible for this impressive result was, among other things, a strong second quarter, in which 183,000 m² space was taken up and thus a good 54 % of the total result for the year. Although the logistics market in the Saxon metropolis also registered a slight decline in demand from individual sectors that were particularly affected by the lockdown measures, retail and production companies more than compensated for this gap with above-average demand. In the segment of modern storage and logistics space, a clear surplus in demand can be observed at the end of the year due to the limited supply.

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