At a Glance Q2 2020

Logistics market Leipzig

Logistikmarkt Leipzig


After a moderate start to the year, the Leipzig logistics market picked up speed in the second quarter and by the end of the first half of the year recorded a new all-time high of 207,000 m² take-up. It is not only remarkable that this result exceeded the long-term average by an impressive 67%, but also that more space had been taken up by the end of Q2 than in the entire previous year. Compared to the other major German logistics regions, the Saxony metropolis has performed extremely well during the Corona crisis and the lockdown. Although Leipzig also suffered a decline in demand in certain sectors, such as the automotive industry due to the looming recession, companies in the pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce were very active. Online retailers in particular benefited from the lockdown and the resulting higher order volume, which led to expansive market activity in the second quarter.

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