At a Glance Q1 2021

Logistics market Leipzig

Logistikmarkt Leipzig


The Leipzig market for storage and logistics space made a very good start to the year. With a take-up of 108,000 m², a result was achieved that is more than four times as high as the previous year's volume. In addition, the long-term average was exceeded by a strong 112 %. A nationwide comparison also shows how exceptionally well the logistics market in the Saxon metropolis performed: more space was taken up than in Munich (68,000 m²), Düsseldorf (50,000 m²) and Stuttgart (45,000 m²). With the positive result for 2020 as a whole and the strong start to 2021, the Leipzig logistics market is proving to be extremely robust in the face of the Corona pandemic and the associated difficult economic conditions. It is also noteworthy that almost 69 % of the take-up was achieved in new buildings. On the one hand, this illustrates the high demand for space with a modern quality of fit-out and, on the other, the continuing shortage of supply in adequate existing space.

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