At a Glance Q4 2021

Logistics market Germany

Logistikimmobilienmarkt Deutschland


The fact that the logistics markets have developed very strongly despite the Corona pandemic and tend to be among the winners has not been a secret for some time. However, with the record take-up of 9.1 million m² (incl. owner-occupiers) achieved in 2021, they are advancing into a new, previously unknown dimension. This exceeds the previous year's result by 34 % and the ten-year average by a impressive 42 %. However, the exceptional nature of the result is also underlined by the fact that even the previous record from 2018 was topped by a further 24 %. To achieve such a volume, many things have to come together to create demand. These include the continuing boom in e-commerce, as well as the reorganisation of supply chains due to bottlenecks with primary products or restructuring processes in the manufacturing sector, such as e-mobility. A significant expansion of new construction activities has also helped, which has eased the supply bottleneck somewhat, even if there is still too little space available in most regions. 

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