At a Glance Q4 2020

Logistics market Germany

Logistikmarkt Deutschland


The German logistics markets defied the Corona pandemic and continued to perform strongly in 2020. With a nationwide take-up of 6.83 million m², the result is at the same level as in 2019 and only 7 % below the record high achieved in 2018. However, the fact that the ten-year average was exceeded by around 12 % shows how well the markets have also developed in a long-term comparison. These figures impressively underline that the logistics industry is far less affected by the negative impact of the pandemic and the lockdowns than many other economic sectors. Nevertheless, there are also winners and losers in the logistics sector. While trade and especially e-commerce are benefiting disproportionately, the situation in parts of the export economy and in manufacturing is definitely more difficult. But here, too, many companies have increasingly adapted their work processes and delivery structures to the given circumstances in the second half of the year.

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