At a Glance Q3 2020

Logistics market Germany

Logistikmarkt Deutschland


After a weak second quarter marked by the lockdown, the markets picked up again from July to September. If only the third quarter is considered, the best result of the last ten years was registered with just under 2.29 million m². Hence the take-up in the current year so far amounts to 5.02 million m². The record set in the previous year was thus only missed by 5 %. Just how well the markets performed overall against the backdrop of a difficult environment is shown by the fact that the ten-year average was exceeded by around 10 %. Considering these figures, it can be stated that the logistics sector is coping much better with the effects of the Corona pandemic than other sectors of the economy. Although negative consequences are certainly noticeable, especially for export-oriented companies or the automotive industry, these are offset by positive trends, especially in e-commerce or pharmaceutical companies.

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