At a Glance Q2 2021

Logistics market Germany

Logistikmarkt Deutschland


The very strong demand at the beginning of the year continued unabated in the second quarter. With a nationwide take-up of 3.6 million m², not only was the previous year's result exceeded by almost a third, but a new record was also set for the first half of the year. The previous record from 2011 was surpassed by around 7 %.  This new all-time high underlines, on the one hand, that the logistics sector has coped better with the Corona crisis than most other industries and, on the other hand, that it will also benefit from structural adjustment processes in the long term. In particular, the rapidly growing importance of e-commerce and city logistics as well as new requirements for production companies should be mentioned here. E-mobility, the expansion of which also triggers additional demand for space, is just one prominent example.

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