At a Glance Q3 2020

Logistics market Frankfurt

Logistikmarkt Frankfurt


Between January and September a take-up of 333,000 m² was achieved on the Frankfurt logistics market, which corresponds to a decline of almost 9 % compared with the same period last year. In the third quarter 102,000 m² of logistics space was taken up, continuing in a slightly weaker form the upward trend that started at the beginning of the second quarter (157,000 m²). Interestingly, the take-up in the first quarter, thus in the period before Corona, was only 74,000 m². This shows that the decline in demand in some export-oriented industries due to Corona has been largely compensated by other industries. The pharmaceutical industry, food trade and the still booming e-commerce sector stand out in particular. Regarding take-up by location, no fundamental changes can be observed in terms of demand patterns. Apart from the logistics region’s core market Frankfurt, strong demand is registered along the North-South-Axis connecting the metropolitan areas Rhine-Main and Rhine Neckar as this allows a large catchment area to be served. In some cases, there are considerations to move to peripheral locations, such as the southern or central Rhineland-Palatinate into the Kaiserslautern area.

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