At a Glance Q4 2021

Logistics market Frankfurt

Logistikmarkt Frankfurt


The Frankfurt logistics and warehouse market achieved a historic result in 2021. At 875,000 m², not only was the previous year's figure more than doubled, but the ten-year average was also exceeded by 60 %. Besides the Ruhr region, never before has a comparably high result been recorded within one year in one of the major German logistics agglomerations. Two different aspects contributed to this extraordinary take-up. On the one hand, this is a strong increase in demand due to structural developments in some industry groups, but on the other hand, certain catch-up effects can also be observed. Some companies that had postponed strategic decisions in 2020 due to corona or had put them on hold finally realised them in 2021. The large-scale segment, in particular, benefited from this and contributed significantly to the new record. The most important deals include the lettings of the Hager Group (44,000 m²) and PepsiCo Germany (40,000 m²), both in Hammersbach, and ID Logistics with 41,000 m² in Kleinostheim.

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