At a Glance Q3 2021

Logistics market Düsseldorf

Logistikmarkt Düsseldorf


After two years of significantly below-average take-up, the Düsseldorf market for logistics and warehouse space is back on track. At around 158,000 m², take-up at the end of the third quarter exceeded the previous year's figure by around two-thirds. Due to the very good results between 2012 and 2018, currently take-up is nevertheless still around 18 % below the 10-year average. However, this is not caused by a lack of demand, but rather by the limited supply. This is also reflected in the low market share of particularly sought-after central locations within Düsseldorf, which only account for about one sixth of take-up. In addition, there is a lack of larger spaces: So far, only one deal in this segment has been registered in Mönchengladbach. But land for development is also scarce, which is reflected in the low share of new construction of 13 %. And last but not least, the further increase in maximum and average rents confirms the excess demand in the Düsseldorf market area.

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