At a Glance Q4 2021

Logistics market Berlin

Logistikmarkt Berlin


The positive momentum in Berlin's logistics and warehouse market, which has been evident throughout the year, continued in impressive manner in the fourth quarter. With a take-up of 609,000 m² for the year as a whole, a clear new record was set, exceeding both the previous year's result and the ten-year average by more than 40 % respectively. This is due to a significant surge in demand in all market segments, which is also reflected in a very high number of deals reaching a new record level with around 150 registered contracts. As expected, demand was driven on the one hand by e-commerce companies, but increasingly also by demand from the last-mile logistics sector in the smaller and medium-sized space segment. In addition, first suppliers for TESLA also contributed to the positive development of demand. The most important leases signed include Lidl Digital International (30,300 m²) in Genshagen, Raben Group (27,000 m²) in Mittenwalde, Bergmann und Franz (25,000 m²) in Oberkrämer and Gestamp (20,500 m²) in Großbeeren.

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