At a Glance Q2 2021

Logistics market Berlin

Logistikmarkt Berlin


The Berlin market for storage and logistics space (including the surrounding area) was extremely dynamic in the first half of 2021. With a take-up of 250,000 m², the long-term average was exceeded by almost 30 % and the relatively weak result of the previous year was even topped by more than 90 %. Although the second quarter was somewhat subdued compared to the start of the year with a registered take-up of 100,000 m², it was still a quarterly result slightly above average. The overall very good performance is also remarkable against the background that in the past in most years larger owner-occupier deals were responsible for significant shares of take-up. Currently, however, they do not play any role at all, thus the entire take-up is generated on the rental market. Clear evidence of the very broad demand for space available at short notice is the very high number of registered contracts, 70 in total. Only once in the last 10 years was a higher dynamic recorded at this time in the year.

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