At a Glance Q4 2020

Logistics investment market Germany

Logistik-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


A statement that was already declared at the beginning of the Corona crisis has largely been confirmed by the end of 2020: Compared to many other asset classes, the logistics investment market is extremely resistant to the economic crisis and can even be described as a crises winner. With a transaction volume of more than €7.9 billion, the previous year's result was exceeded by 5.5% and the long-term average by 56%. Thus, it is the second-best result ever recorded, beaten only by 2017, in which a number of major portfolio transactions had pushed the result. In contrast, the largest share is now attributable to single transactions, which account for more than €5 billion and at the same time set a new all-time high. The very strong overall performance is attributable to the fact that, although the logistics sector has also seen a decline in demand in some segments, the negativ effect was limited to specific sectors, such as the automotive industry. On the other hand, industries such as food logistics as well as e-commerce in particular were able to significantly increase their importance. For many investors, investing in logistics real estate has therefore become even more attractive over the course of the year, also due to the lack of high-yield alternatives.

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