At a Glance Q2 2020

Logistics investment market Germany

Logistik-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


The market for logistics investments was still relatively unaffected by the Corona crisis in the first half of the year. With a transaction volume of €3.74 billion, the long-term average was topped by an impressive 61%, so that the bottom line is the second-best half-year result ever. Although the record start to the year in Q1 contributed significantly to above-average performance, the second quarter in itself, at €1.42 billion, is anything but an indication of a market on the back burner. The current quarterly result is significantly lower than the average of the past ten quarters, but at the same time is in keeping with the tradition of the market regularly flattening out somewhat in the middle of the year. If one takes only Q2 results as a basis for comparison, then this is the second best result of all time. Meanwhile, the very high share of individual transactions, at just under 68%, is striking. Among other things, no fewer than seven transactions above the €100 million mark catapult the sales volume to a hefty €2.53 billion, thus setting a new record.

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