At a Glance Q4 2021

Investment market Munich

Investmentmarkt München


The Munich market experienced a brilliant investment year. With a total transaction volume of €7.75 billion, not only was the previous year's result exceeded by a good half, but the second-best result of all time was also achieved. Only in 2019 was significantly more invested, albeit with a noticeably higher portfolio share. In a nationwide comparison, Munich thus ranks second behind Berlin. A number of very large-volume transactions in the high triple-digit million range are partly responsible for the exceptionally good transaction volume. These include the purchases of Uptown, Highlight Towers and Elementum brokered by BNPPRE. Munich can thus deservedly call itself the "capital of major deals". The decisive factor here is that the willingness to invest in such volumes in several cases at once impressively underscores investors' sustained confidence in the Bavarian capital. At the same time, it is unsurprising that 96% of the total volume is accounted for by single deals, whereas portfolio deals, which are included on a pro rata basis, only account for around €343 million, the lowest figure in the last ten years.

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