At a Glance Q2 2019

Investment market Munich

Investmentmarkt München


After a rather restrained start to the year with only €617 million investment turnover in the first quarter, the Munich investment market showed its usual strength in the following months with almost €1.55 billion. Compared with the extraordinary half-year result of 2018, the volume was down by around 46%, but it is thanks to the good second quarter that a slightly above-average result of €2.16 billion was achieved in the middle of the year (+8%). In a nationwide comparison, the Bavarian metropolis ranks a good third behind Berlin (€5.24 billion), where an absolute record was set, and Frankfurt (€2.34 billion), which confirms the basically lively market development. In the large-volume segment in particular, though, there was a lack of sufficient supply. However, the fact that with less than 50 deals the number of investments is below average in the long-term view also speaks for a lack of supply on a broad front. By far the largest transaction in the first half of the year is the sale of shares in the Siemens campus in Neuperlach. Due to the lower density of contracts from €50 million upwards compared with the previous year, the average volume per property of €47 million is almost 14% lower than in mid-2018.

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