At a Glance Q3 2021

Investment market Leipzig

Investmentmarkt Leipzig


With a transaction volume of €515 million, Leipzig again achieved a very good result. Although the previous year's figure was missed by 24%, the portfolio segment was solely responsible for this. After some large package sales had pushed the result in the previous year period to a €421 million  all-time high, portfolios come so far in the current year only to negligible €7 million  investment volume. So far, the focus has clearly been on individual properties, in which €508 million has already been invested. This is not only the third-best transaction volume in the last ten years, but also double the previous year's result. Leipzig is thus proving once again that it has established itself as a permanent fixture on investors' shopping lists and is one of Germany's most important investment locations alongside the major A-cities. From a buyer's perspective, in addition to the very stable market conditions, the potential for value appreciation resulting from the current relatively dynamic rise in rents, e.g. in the office segment, is particularly interesting.         

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