At a Glance Q1 2020

Investment market Leipzig

Investmentmarkt Leipzig


The Leipzig investment market started the new year with a brilliant performance and, with a transaction volume of 351 € million, recorded the second-best result ever. Not only the previous year's figure was significantly surpassed, but also the long-term average by an impressive 110%. This volume shows that despite the slightly negative trend of the last few years, which was, however, mainly based on the lack of investment opportunities, the Saxony metropolis is highly valued by investors and demand is proving to be very strong if there is a sufficient supply of adequate investment. This extraordinary result was possible thanks to a high volume of portfolio deals included on a pro rata basis, which are responsible for around 78% of the transaction volume. It is also worth mentioning that a considerable share of the portfolio volume can be attributed to company takeovers, such as the TLG. In summary, it can be said that the very good quarterly result does not yet reflect the effects of the corona crisis. How the Leipzig investment market will react to the external effect of the pandemic cannot be conclusively assessed at this stage.

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