At a Glance Q2 2021

Investment market Germany

Investmentmarkt Deutschland


The progress made in combating the pandemic, the lifting of the lockdowns and the noticeable rise in business confidence are also reflected in the investment markets. The improvement in the second quarter was not only repeated but also accelerated. With a transaction volume of €23.94 billion, the ten-year average was exceeded by 13% despite the pandemic. Although the exceptional prior-year result was noticeably missed, it cannot be used as a benchmark due to major portfolio deals, e.g. the TLG acquisition and other M&A transactions. In a long-term comparison, however, the result is on a par with 2019 and 2018, and if only the second quarter is considered, it represents the third-best Q2 result of all time. Investors' sustained confidence in the German real estate asset markets thus remains very high and is supported by the significantly improving economic outlook.

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