At a Glance Q1 2019

Investment market Germany

Investmentmarkt Deutschland


In the first quarter of 2019, almost 11.1 billion € was invested in commercial real estate nationwide. This result is only 10 % below the extraordinary result of the previous year and represents the third-best transaction volume of the last twelve years. Individual transactions amount to almost 9.6 billion € and thus account for 86 % of the total volume. This is the second-best result of all time, only 8 % below the record level of the previous year. Portfolio sales, on the other hand, account for only around 14 %. With the exception of 2009 with its special framework conditions during the financial crisis, such a low share has never been registered before. Consequently, there are two main reasons for the slightly lower investment volume compared to the previous year: firstly, the previously under-proportional portfolio share, secondly, a massive product shortage at important locations such as Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg.

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