At a Glance Q3 2021

Investment market Frankfurt

Investmentmarkt Frankfurt


The Frankfurt investment market, which had already got off to a good start to the year, shifted a gear once again in the third quarter and, with a transaction volume of almost €5.15 billion, achieved the second-best result of the last ten years. This puts Frankfurt in second place in a national comparison, surpassed only by Berlin. Both the previous year's result and the ten-year average were exceeded by almost 40%. The very high volume is particularly remarkable against the background that proportionately included portfolio transactions contributed only €281 million, which corresponds to the third weakest value of the last ten years in this category. In contrast, individual sales achieved an above-average result, amounting to a good €4.86 billion. Compared to the previous year, more than twice as much was invested in single deals transactions. Large-volume deals in particular contributed to this, as ten sales in the triple-digit million range were made after just three quarters. Only 2018 recorded an even higher volume. The most prominent deals include the purchase of the T1 high-rise office project by Allianz and BVK for around €1.4 billion and the sale of Skyper office tower for over €500 million to Ampega, which acquired it for HDI. 

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