At a Glance Q4 2022

Investment market Frankfurt

Investmentmarkt Frankfurt


Like almost all other major locations, the Frankfurt investment market suffered a significant decline of investment volume, but still performed relatively well amid a very challenging environment. A total transaction volume of over €5 billion was registered. Both the previous year's result and the 10-year average were missed by around a quarter. The decline is on a par with the average for the German A-locations. This is particularly remarkable as Frankfurt traditionally records  a high proportion of large-volume core deals. This market segment has been particularly affected by the rising cost of financing, as buyers tend to operate with high leverage here. Around 78% of the result is attributable to single deals (€3.92 billion). A further €1.09 billion came from portfolio transactions, whereby the majority was attributable to the alstria takeover by Brookfield. In a nationwide comparison, Frankfurt ranks second overall, behind Berlin. Among the most important deals are the office properties Marienturm, K26, Sky Eschborn as well as Oststern Ost and Oststern West brokered by BNPPRE.

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