At a Glance Q1 2021

Investment market Düsseldorf

Investmentmarkt Düsseldorf


After a strong final quarter 2020, the Düsseldorf investment market has started the new year on a rather subdued note with a volume of €247 million. The record from the previous year was clearly missed, and even the long-term average is around 50% higher than the result for the first three months. However, that certain fluctuations in the result of the first quarter are not entirely unusual is shown by the comparable investment turnover of 2012, 2015 as well as 2016. Responsible for the rather moderate transaction volume is the lack of large deals. So far, no deal with a volume of more than €50 million has been registered. Among the largest deals of the year by now were the Zwei-Scheiben-Haus in Ratingen and the B8 Fachmarktcenter in the City-Ost submarket. Of the total volume, 80% was accounted for by individual sales and 20% by portfolio deals. It is also worth noting that, at around 36%, an above-average amount of capital was invested in Düsseldorf by foreign investors.

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