At a Glance Q1 2020

Hotel investment market Germany

Hotel-Investmentmarkt Deutschland


The hotel investment market has made a brilliant start to the year 2020. With a transaction volume of just under €1.12 billion, the result is at the same level as in the record year 2017. This result clearly shows that the noticeable escalation of the Corona crisis in March, which is affecting the hotel industry more than most other sectors, is not yet reflected in the investment activity of the first three months. The very high turnover is due not least to a new record in the portfolio segment, which accounted for around €585 million of the total result. However, it should be noted that more than half of this is attributable to hotels which are part of Aroundtown's acquisition of TLG. But even without this special effect, the first quarter of 2020 would still be the third best ever recorded. In contrast, individual sales, which totalled €533 million, were down 14% on the previous year. This is due in part to the fact that, although there were a large number of transactions in the smaller and medium-sized market segment, sales in the triple-digit million range are still missing.

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