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Traineeship at BNP Paribas Real Estate

Your vocational training to become a certified Real Estate Management Assistant will put you in the perfect position to call yourself a qualified real estate specialist at one of the world’s largest and most renowned real estate service providers within two to three years. What’s more, you are also free to choose your desired specialism: Would you like to gain expertise in letting and selling properties or would you rather focus on managing exciting buildings? Whatever your focus, our varied tasks and training stations, wonderful colleagues and comprehensive support are sure to perfectly prepare you for your future career. You will be taught the required theory in blocks of lectures (one week of teaching approximately every five weeks) held at the European Education Centre of the Housing and Real Estate Industry (EBZ) in Bochum, Germany).

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Sales & Letting

As an up-and-coming real estate consultant, you will help real estate owners to successfully sell or let various types of commercial properties. You will accompany them throughout every stage of the process, from the property analysis to marketing measures and right through to the final contract negotiations. As the central contact for clients and individuals interested in letting and buying, you bring all aspects together to deliver reliable results. In this key role, professional and rapid communication are essential, as is maintaining a good overview of the needs and requirements of our clients and the latest market developments.

Property Management

Major commercial properties require comprehensive management to maintain their value on a sustained basis. This is where you come into play with your consulting and commercial tact and expertise. As a property manager, you will support and advise tenants and landlords, ensure correct accounting activities and building technology and keep track of all legal requirements. You will be the first port of call for all matters concerning the property for which you are responsible, working hand in hand with our experts in technology and accounting.


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Vanessa Appelmann
Vanessa Appelmann
Junior Recruiting und Graduate Management Specialist
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