At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Mainz

Retailmarkt Mainz


The clothing store "Uhlig am Dom" was a company that shaped the Mainz shopping tradition for decades yet closed its doors at the beginning of the year after 99 years of business. But in a good example of how tradition and change can be combined in retailing, lingerie manufacturer Mey took over the shop and brought a new concept to the cathedral, but retained the name of the traditional company. The city also wishes to manage such transition into the modern age. There are strong political efforts to continue developing inner-city shopping locations whilst preserving the retail flair of past decades. The idea and focus here is on upgrading Ludwigsstraße, combining shopping, fun and culture. In this spirit, there is a planned conversion of the Karstadt building, to use the space for pop-up stores, restaurants, a hotel and a club. In addition to this future project, construction work on Großen Langgasse is still in full swing, and this shopping street is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. The momentum of change is also arousing the interest of retailers, which is reflected in a number of lettings/openings.

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