At a Glance Q2 2019

Footfall report Bremen

Retailmarkt Bremen


Bremen is currently undergoing a process of transformation, which is reflected in the results of this year's footfall survey. With around 3,840 pedestrians counted, Sögestraße only occupies 59th place in the nationwide ranking and has therefore continuously diminished in importance in recent years. The development is similar in Obernstraße, Bremen's second prime location, which, with just under 2,760 individuals, only ranks 75th. Overall, demand is currently channelled more strongly towards Sögestraße, whereas Obernstraße is having to grapple with space being relinquished. Examples are Mango and Benetton, both of which have given up their premises at this location. However, the Italian brand will not leave the city entirely, but is on the lookout for a new position from where to optimize its presence and link store-based retail more closely with the digital world. Such a tendency to relocate and optimise can be observed in many cities, as clothing retailers are particularly susceptible to competition from the increasing importance of e-commerce.

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