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Sustainability lies at the heart of the asset and risk management strategy of BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management. Consequently, the funds that BNP REIM sets up and recommends include a growing number of green assets and have management principles that meet the expectations of institutional investors with regard to sustainability. Long-term investment requires positioning ahead of the curve, anticipating fundamental changes in the framework conditions. New legislation on increasing energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact needs to be taken into account in decision-making today.

Next Estate, the fund that focuses on sustainability

  • Next Estate Income Fund is designed as a diversified portfolio of office buildings in the eurozone that meet sustainability criteria. The fund currently invests in major European cities.
  • Next Estate Income Fund is an unlisted property investment fund based in Luxembourg and was launched in 2010 with backing from BNP Paribas Real Estate 


A BNP Paribas Real Estate asset – an international management toolkit

Designed by our European team, our international management toolkit is used to assess a property's quality and potential on the basis of 8 criteria and 46 factors, as well as to measure its market potential and positioning within its submarket. It is built around eight major criteria affecting the sustainability of property, i.e. in particular general property data, energy, water and waste, transport, certificates, compliance, risk identification and responsibility.


Your Contacts

Horster MRICS Hermann

Hermann Horster MRICS
Regional Director
Head of Sustainability
+49 (0)40-348 48-104


Völker Andreas

Andreas Völker
Managing Director
+49 (0)69-298 99-450


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